Princess Tower

A night shot from 50 floors up in Boston's Prudential Center of the top of the adjacent skyscraper

Boston from Above

taken high above the city, 50 floors to be exact at Civil Twilight or more commonly known as the Blue Hour. A REALY long exposure

The Fountains

Empire State

Lone Boat

The only boat at the Russia Wharf docks, this little row boat

Boston's Gotham

Climb to raise the flag, stay for the view

Two workers hanging out on the antenna of the Old Hancock Building as they raised the Bruins Championship flag!

Top of the Hub

Boston's Back Bay and Downtown from the top of the Prudential Tower

Fort Point Channel Sunset

A vibrant sunset over Fort Point Channel.

The Birds

aka pigeons flying around the spire at Park Street Church

Shattered Dreams

taken on a pedestrian bridge in Las Vegas this represents the dichotomy of Vegas, the bright shiny lights in the background of all the vacationers and the broken dream of the locals in the foreground.


cresent moon

Custom House Fogged in

What do you do when you have a plan to photograph the supermoon from one of your favorite vantage points in Boston and you litterally watch the fog roll in from 5 miles out? You make the best of it and shoot the fog.